What are your production times?

Our production times are listed in each of our product descriptions.  Please check the product page for the item you are interested in and you will find it there.

Can my order be rushed?

In many of cases orders can be rushed. Please contact us before ordering and we will let you know if a rush order is possible.

Are your flowers really made out of wood?

Yes!  Our flowers are made from soft tapioca wood.  It is a soft and delicate wood.  The flowers are folded into their shape, they are not carved.  The wood has a soft foam like texture which makes it very pliable.

Can your flowers float in water?

Yes they can.  We have tested the flowers for up to 24 hours in water and they held up great!  The color may bleed from flowers that have been dyed. The flowers are fabulous for floating centerpieces.

Our location is outside and it will be windy.  Can I still use your flowers?

Unless you are using the flowers inside vases which will protect them from the wind we recommend you do not use our flowers in windy locations. 

What sizes do your flowers come in?

Currently our sizes include in 3” and 4”.

Can you make a custom color for my flowers?

In most cases Yes! Send us a photo of the color you need or you can snail mail us a color swatch.  We do our best to get as close to the color as possible.  Because we are working with a natural wood product though an exact match might not be attainable.

Do you print the names on the flower place cards?

Yes, we handle all the printing of your place cards so you don’t have to!  Once you send us your list of names (via Excel, Word or in an email) we will send you a proof to approve.  Once you approve the proof we will send your names to the printer.  There will be a $10.00 reprint fee if changes have to be made after printing.

Do your table numbers come in any other fonts?

We currently only carry one font.  The table number font works well for both casual and elegant events.